Tuesday, January 4, 2011

People on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

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  1. You did another terrific job of photoing subjects just at the right moment and with the proper angle.

    That is you and Kaysha in the top photo carrying the red, white and blue thingy/ ahh HUGE flip flop, RIGHT???

    I love these. Each photo tells its own story. Ahh, but the fisherman with that fresh caught fish-I would love to be in his place. Haven't fished in a few years, and miss it so much.

    Was that car making an attempt at "net fishing"? LOL

    Those guys making that exchange as the sun sets, the crane waiting to sneak a freebie,
    the doggie following his master,the canoe looks so inviting (I've never been in one),your daughters having a ball-Great job.