Saturday, April 3, 2010


Redcliffe Jetty
Redcliffe is a beautiful place to spend a day out and on Good Friday it happens to be the Festival of Sails every year which makes it even better.Its great to go for a walk out on the Redcliffe jetty and have a look around.

My daughter looking back on Redcliffe Beach at the markets and tall pine trees that line the beach front.

Camel Rides and Yachts

To the south of this is Sutton Beach where the Festival of Sails is held and we got there just after the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. The following image is of the camel rides on the beach with the yachts in the background. It was a top day with skydivers,interesting markets,fun in the sand with mazes,easter egg hunt,beach volleyball and tennis ,cricket.
Sand Sculpture
The next image is the breath taking sand sculture done by Dennis Massoud.There were numerous kids workshops but one that stood out was the umbrella art which is pictured at the bottom of the page.It did'nt stop there some of the other activities were lego competitions,rock climbing,kite making, african drums and great music. I have included a few images of the day out at the bottom of the page .

I hope you enjoy these in order they are umbrella art,beach volleyball and along the beach front.

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