Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Changing Morning Light

Flight to Heaven

Morning Reflections

Golden Light

Heron in the Breeze

Heron in Flight

High Flying Pelican

White Heron Ready

Fire in Heaven
Bird on High


Butterfly of the Morning

More Morning Light

Pelican and Cormorant

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Terns Turn

Surfing the Dawn

Your Tern! My Tern!

Surfing the Morning

Proud Pelican

Happy Dog

Pelicans Under Dawns Light

Dawns Dip

Tern to the Headland

Cormorant and the Dawn

Dog and Daddy's Boots on Dicky Beach

Tern Tern Tern

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bird Quest Along Golden Beach Part One

 Bird sightings along Golden Beach on the Fifth of June 2018. Last night i was laying in bed thinking of how many common birds are around the Caloundra area and came up with forty one. Yesterday i set out on a three hour walk along Golden Beach to just see how many photo opportunities and just how many i could capture in one morning. This is part one of that journey. 
Nesting Lorikeets

Feeding Oyster Catcher

Sailing with Pelicans


Wagtail on the Entrance

Heron on High

Minor/Yellow Eye

Cormorants and Seagulls

Sailing out to the Swans

Curious Cockatoo

Fishing with Pelicans

Seagulls on the Seas

Boating with Swans
Seagulls View

The Colourful Kingfisher

Butcher Bird

Heron/Crow and Hawk/Magpie/Peewee/