Sunday, April 4, 2010


Mt Coolum The Volcanic Dome

Climbing Mt Coolum

Mt Coolum The Bottom
The mountain is a volcanic dome, roughly circular in plan with tall cliffs on the southern side. It rises abruptly from the coastal plain to a 208m peak.A 800m long track climbs Mount Coolum from the east. The lower part of the track is deceptively well-formed and gentle but it quickly deteriorates to become very steep, very rough and dangerously slippery when wet.
The sight of Peregrine Falcon in flight as well as the landing approaches of the metal birds into the Sunshine Coast airport makes for top viewing while climbing.The Peregrine Falcon can reach speeds over 320 km/h (200 mph) in a stoop, making it the fastest creature on the planet.We found the climb excellent taking us about 40 mins to the summit where the views are beautiful you can see the Glass House Mountains in the south.Coastal views from Noosa to Caloundra and looking down below is the Coolum Golf course.Pictured is my daughter at the entrance to Mt Coolum,climbing and at the summit.

At The Summit

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