Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life on an Australian Lilypond

Australian Lilypond

     Our visit to an Australian Lilypond.We found Dragonflies darting around, at least half a dozen different varieties. First up we got some shots of the lovely golden winged dragonflies.Then we spotted a blue one landing on a grass spike and got a couple of shots of this guy.Just then my daughter says dad snake and no more than 6 inches from my right hand waiting to strike for his dragonfly dinner was a beautiful bright coloured green tree snake.
  I am not the biggest fan of snakes and was quickly 10 yards clear of him.Then striking up some courage after realizing he was harmless snapped some photos of him sitting waiting to strike.


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For Australia has one of the largest and greatest national park systems in the world, covering over 24 million hectares, with such diversity as lush rain forest to waterless desert.

  Then as we moved to the rear of the pond.We were able to get some good shots of the bright red dragonflies that were zig zagging across the pond.Then Lenka my daughter said dad have a look at those little frogs climbing that lily.They looked to be superglued to the stem of the lily.

 Two cute green tree frogs climbing the Lilly.

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We also managed to capture a couple of smaller butterflies who had joined the dragonflies in the pond dancing.After a while they did eventually settle so we could get a few shots.

    Then just as we were about to leave we noticed some movement under the lilypads and who pops his little head up,a cute little turtle.There were a few other smaller creatures in the pond including a weird looking insect.It appears to be some sort of cricket or cicada.

Some lilypads from a visit to the Botanical Gardens

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