Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fishing in Australia

Beach Fishing         

    Australia is fortunate in possessing some of the finest beaches in the world, and with them, excellent fishing. The ever changing formation of our beaches due to natural forces provides both shelter and food for a variety of fish.
Beach Fishing Yaroomba

Fishing the Gutter

   A gutter is recognised as a channel of deeper waters  you can see a dark blue or green colour, and typically runs parallel with the beach. It is caused by an outer sand bank behind it which causes waves to break early and whitewash to follow. This whitewash  flows over the gutter, providing cover for fish and stirring up the bottom exposing food. Gutters are variable in length and can have an outlet back to the sea at one or both ends. Fish usually enjoy foraging for food near these outlets since the back and forth motion of water also stirs up food.

     Position yourself near the mouth and allow the bait to drift with the run from the gutter. Potholes are the small indentations which form in the shallower water, often near the edge of the beach. Anglers often wade through them, not knowing that they can offer some geed fishing. Whiting, Dart and Flathead actively feed in this shallow water, so it often pays to try these areas before disturbing them.

The Fish
Bream and Tailor

Bream fishing in Australia is a big time activity. Fly-fishing for bream is a popular , as well as surf fishing on the coast with cut baits , and it's  not uncommon in the cooler months to catch bream up to 1.5kg. Now, a fish that big is a decent fish anyway, but tack on the fact that these little buggers are as feisty as it gets, and you've got a real fight on your hands, especially if you are using light tackle.

Tailor a saltwater fish which has different names in various countries. In the United States it is called bluefish, while in South Africa, it is known as elf. Here in Australia, anglers usually call it tailor  or use its popular nicknames of "chopper" or "green back".
   Flathead are found in shallow estuaries and lakes and inhabit streams as far upstream as the tidal limits, but they often are found in freshwater. They are also found offshore on sandy or gravel bottoms and seagrass beds. Flathead are a lazy fish who lie partly covered in mud or sand.

Chambers Island

Flathead Chambers Island

Snapper Caught Off the Sunshine Coast

Pincushion Island at Dawn
Pumicestone Passage Fishing the Channel

   Bays and Estuaries
     Fishing Australia  for a wide variety of species that can often be found in large numbers.When fishing bays and estuaries look for drop-offs, channels and weed beds as these areas will hold concentrations of fish. Whether you are drifting or anchored in a boat or fishing from the shore, these areas are great places to find a wide variety of fish species.

    A popular place to fish for bream in Australia is in bays and estuaries. They like to hang around rugged, rocky spots such as jetties and around piers and sunken logs anything that will afford them some protection.

Fishing trip Bribie
Fishing 1770
Bait at Noosa River

Currimundi Lakes

Bribie Island Fishing at Dusk


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