Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Birds at Dawn

Breakfast with the Kingfishers
  • Two little Kingfishers sitting on a branch gave me a super photo opportunity and i could'nt believe one was having his meal. I also was taken by the length of their tail feather. Their colours seem to glow in the morning light.   
White Faced Heron on Lake Currimundi
  • White Faced Heron finding his meal in the sky reflected creek.
Trawler under Mt Coolum
  • The trawler with birds above and around the vessel i could make out many more Seagulls and Terns in the distance but the camera was'nt able to capture them.
Australia landscape
Kingfishers at Dawn
  • This was the third member of the family on the right but as the other Kingfisher arrived with his meal he decided to take flight across the water and leave the couple in peace.
bird life
Sunrise at Point Cartwright
  • Two birds high in the orange sky as ol mister sun makes his first appearance for the day.
Dogs Trawler and Maroochydore at Dawn
  • Looking across to the entrance of the Maroochydore River with the trawler anchored trying to haul in a possible feast of prawns to offer up at the Mooloolaba Wharf. Two friendly dogs take a dip in the blue waters.
dogs in the ocean
 Morning at Point Cartwright
  • This setting is a little later after sunrise around 8am as the sun creeps behind some fluffy white clouds leaving a reflecting light on the waters.I look back and snap some pictures of the lighthouse and the point.
queensland holiday
Reflecting White Faced Heron
  • Loved that i was able to capture the reflection of the Heron flying across the lake and thought it interesting how the wind was leaving its mark but just left enough stillness to leave a reflecting sky. Thanks Mariah!
reflecting bird life
More of the Kingfishers
  • Did'nt your mother teach you to eat with your mouth closed my friend. 
pair of birds
Dawn at the Point
  • I thought it was a nice look with the waves crawling over the rocks as the sun rises from the horizon for the new day. I'm afraid the white horses were a bit on the small side today.
Flying Kingfishers
  • The two of them took off to join their mate across the water after having digested their meal. One has his setting on descent while the other is still in flight mode.
australian birds
Kayaking on Lake Currimundi
  • The silhouetting kayakers on Lake Currimundi and as you can see a slight breeze so not a perfect reflection on the lake.They are heading up stream where i came across first the White Heron then the White Faced Heron and then the Kingfishers. There were other birds on the way including Pee Wees, Honeyeaters, Minors,Wrens and little Finches.
currimundi lake