Monday, April 5, 2010



Noosa Botanical Gardens on the banks of Lake Macdonald is a great place to have a picnic.
There are many interesting trees and plants plus the scenic views of Lake Macdonald are just a bonus.
We were there late in the afternoon and got the setting sun which was pleasant viewing.
They have an amphitheatre for shows in the gardens. I am not going to say much more just put up some images for viewing.
Reflections on Lake Mcdonald

This peaceful atmosphere at Lake Coothoora and enjoy a family day out for a fish ,swim,sail,kite surfing,kayaking, camp sites for overnight campers but for the day campers there is a good designated area to picnic and have some fun.The sand bar goes forever and little ones are extra safe here. Its a great place for photographers with some top scenery.
After your stay, drop into the Appollona Hotel for lunch and something refreshing.

Although we did'nt this day we had a picnic beside that beautiful tree in the photograph.

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