Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sunrise Birds and Breakfast

The Australian Pied Oyster Catcher feeding at dawn in the waters of Pumicestone Passage Queensland
White Heron in the early morning sun searching for breakfast on the Passaage
 Sunrise up Currimundi Creek
Herons feeding at sunrise
 Cargo Ship under the sunrise out from the creeks entrance
Oyster Catchers on rocks
 Sunrise out to Sea
Two White Faced Herons looking for food under dawns light.
Baby Pied Stilt under the morning light
Another of the baby Stilt
Cormorant drying off under the morning sun. I like how his head is tucked right into his body. He takes on a different appearance.
 Family of Pied Stilts
Mist on Currimundi Creek with a Plover on a destination up to the mouth
 Black Swan feeding on the Weeds
Heron searching for breakfast
Swallow in the morning sun ! There were a family of these swooping around the shallows.
White Faced Heron on his way to the mouth of the creek through the mist and sunlight
Swans taking off from Pumicestone Passage this photo is from ages back but thought i would throw it in .

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