Monday, October 1, 2012

Australian Birds

King Parrot
The vibrant colours of the Australian King Parrrot.
It lives from north and central Queensland to southern Victoria and is found in moist, dense forests, eucalyptus wooded areas, rainforests, but it also frequents suburban parks and gardens, and farmlands.  

Barking Owl
They are medium sized Hawk Owls
and are widely distributed throughout Australia. They are usually found in habitats that are dominated by eucalytpus species, particularly red gum, and in the tropics, paperbark species. They prefer woodlands and forests with a high density of large trees . Roost sites are often located near waterways or wetlands.The Barking Owl feeds on a variety of small to medium-sized mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Diet is largely insects during the non-breeding season, with larger prey more commonly taken when breeding.

 Wonga Pigeon and her Chicks
The Wonga Pigeon is found along the east coast of Australia, from south-eastern Queensland to Gippsland, Victoria.Usually amongst dense coastal forests, rainforests and scrubs. It is often seen in clearings near forests such as picnic areas, walking tracks, carparks and roadsides, as well as gardens. They feed on seeds of native and introduced plants as well as fallen fruit and the occasional insect. It forages exclusively on the ground.

Red Capped Plover 
is  widespread throughout Australia.
It's small, has light upperparts and white underneath and the red cap of the male is diagnostic. It has a compact shape and it often stands tall, with long legs.
It moves between the coast and inland wetlands.
 The Red-capped Plover may be seen foraging for molluscs, small crustaceans and some vegetation, on mudflats, sandy beaches and salt-marsh.

Following are other birds found around Australian coastline 




White Pigeon 

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