Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boats, Birds and Bait Fish.

My favourite part of the photo is the sea foam or white horses whatever you like to call them.

Heron taking in the natural beauty

Hungry Pelican on the Maroochy River Queensland

I am improving on my bird in flight photos and I thought this one come out quite good. Love taking pictures of the Tankers on the horizon.

Tracking the thief !

Observing target.


I know the Heron is a common looking bird but I am taken in by its leg movements so will be on the lookout for that next time in reflection.

This sailing boat was giving me a hard time would'nt tac in the right direction. I like the cloud and sky reflection in the water in the foreground even if it was'nt as clear as I would have liked.

Here he is love the Kingfishers and there turquoise colours.

I think someone has been a naughty boy here and is getting a stare down.

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